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zutara week 2012 :: day 7 - seasons

 periods of the year

[Day 1] [Day 2] [Day 3] [Day 4] [Day 5] [Day 6] [Day 7(justine’s)]

(as always, delete my comments if you want blah blah blah. it’s fine.

it’s my first zutara week and i am so so glad to be sharing it with my dear friend,justine (completelytwitterpated). we’ve decided to do a collaboration on this one so she’ll be doing days 1, 3, 5 and i’ll be doing 2, 4, 6. and we’ll both be doing day 7. she’ll be drawing her lovely art and i’ll be doing gifsets.

I’M SORRY FOR THE SUCKINESS OF THIS I CAN EXPLAIN. okay so in my head, this is some sort of AU where katara and zuko are chilhood friends and idek. some stuff about how katara helps zuko deal with everything that’s happened to him (his scar, his mother, etc.) and how they stick with each other through thick and thin cause they’re best friends also they are in love oops spoilers

also i got really lazy to edit the coloring and stuff so yeah it doesn’t look realistic at all (especially that first gif) but whatever

anyway, ZUTARA WEEK WAS TONS OF FUN GUYS AND IT GAVE ME WAY TOO MANY FEELS I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO TRY TO DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR. also, MAKORRA WEEK IS TOMORROW OMG  i’m not sure if i can do it because i have so much bloody stuff to do. i might just do loads of makorra graphics but not following the prompts though *sigh*. but obviously i’m doing tokka week. i can’t think of anything for it rn but nothing will stop me from tokka week. NOTHING. IF THE BLOODY APOCALYPSE HAPPENED ON AUGUST 1, I WOULD STILL DO TOKKA WEEK.

BUT ENOUGH OF MY YAPPING. zutara week was amazing and i wish you all hundreds of more feels to come!)

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